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Aug 19, 2019
I am visiting WDW for the first time in 10 years this January - renting points to stay at Kidani Village. I have good friends living in Orlando, and was THIS close to asking them if we could stay with them for some of our vacation. We decided that spending extra cash was worth keeping them as friends. They have stayed in our house when they visit here - but we have 2 loud kids and they are a childless couple. When they stay here, they KNOW what they are getting into as opposed to 4 loud crazy people invading their space!

BUT.. there is nothing to stop us from visiting them... or THEM from visiting us!. We have a 1 Bedroom so we could cook dinner for them and enjoy their company! What does it take for locals to visit people staying at Kidani village? is it a big hassle? Should we visit them instead?



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Oct 18, 2015
Shouldn't be an issue. They can tell the gate they are visiting you. Kidani isn't a resort where people try to freeload as day guests.


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Aug 18, 2009
Not a problem at all! They can hang out in your room, enjoy the grounds, shop, eat in the restaurants. The only thing they can’t do is use the pools (pools are only for registered guests). Enjoy- Kidani is one of our favorites!