Linking swan resort to MDE


DIS Veteran
Jun 16, 2008
So a very premature query....

So we’ve just booked the swan resort for this November. Assuming everything goes ahead and we make it out there, has anyone had experience in linking the resort to the app? The virgin rep we booked with said sometimes the dolphin and swan resorts don’t show up, so may need a phone call to the Disney tech team to get it to show up.


DIS Veteran
Jul 19, 2005
I am also booked at the swan for November. I had to call Disney tech to link, as it wouldn't link after 72 hours. They also had to use a placeholder ticket so I could make park passes. Once you check in with park tickets you will then link so you don't use your park passes. Crossing fingers that fastpass+ makes a return by then as I imagine crowds for the 50th will be heavy! Hope that helps!


Earning My Ears
Apr 16, 2019
I have stayed at the S & D loads of times. For some reason the confirmation number is never accepted by MDX. I always have to call Disney to get another number that I can link. Great hotel by the way. Lucky you. Walk to HS, walk to Epcot, Premier League on room TV plus walk through Boardwalk and there’s a Gas Station which sells snacks, beer etc etc. Enjoy.