I love credit cards so much! v2.0 (see first page for add'l details)

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Aug 1, 2003
And in other news, I got another Amex offer for "FISH" by Jose Andres. Told daughter we are going this weekend. $30 off $100 but we'll go for Lobster Rolls, cider or wine or beer, dessert and tip. Okay, that's my idea for a cheap evening supper but big eater/big eyes will probably blow my plan over $200!!

I'd also like to try the Voltaggio Bros steakhouse, but the amount of food feels overwhelming to me. I also got a $30 of $125 offer for this restaurant.

Both of these restaurants are in the MGM casino at National Harbor.
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Nov 9, 2009
Not worrying even though I did a self referral and got $100. I have $80 that they over paid me sitting on one MR card, plus about $25 worth of MR's. Take them if they want to.

I'm still trying to figure out how to cash in my Rose Gold's airline credit for next year, if gift cards don't work.
I'm not worrying either.
And I'm not sure I'll keep my gold since gift cards seem to be a no go to use the airline credit. I love it, but not $250/year worth:)


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Jan 25, 2014
Just caught up since I couldn’t read the thread any yesterday.

I had P2 self refer with his plat for the HHBiz just last month but his MR are still there as of this morning. But that’s the only self refer we’ve done. I guess there’s nothing to be done. If your balance is 0 they just take you down to negative MRs? Hopefully the clawbacks won’t happen to us small potatoes.

Homecomin wasn’t on my radar for brunch, but seriously guys...going to sign up for an alert from TP if an ADR pops up at a good time for us. It looks and sounds wonderful!


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Oct 4, 2014
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    Not sure what the 'face' of it looks like, but couldn't you get a new 'free' one if the battery dies and just pop in the part that contains the battery? Isn't there like 2 teeny screws to release it?
    Thank you! I was thinking that and also wish deep down that they add the other solid colors to the customization page. I would go for some of the green/blue variations or a solid black or white band! I also have the limited edition Coco and Incredibles 2 bands that are both black. I guess I could always just swap a puck around or use a complimentary color.
    Good solution. @PolyRob one thing I do is I'll wear whatever one I want no matter how old since it still works for touchpoints. Then throw a new free band or the face in my bag to pick up ride photos etc.
    Thank you! I am so paranoid with my resort room after having SO many MB issues in the past that I do normally carry the one ordered on the reservation in my bag. It is funny when you are on a ride like IASW and you see your name repeating on the signs 😂


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    Does anyone know if these Simon Mall Visas work with Serve?

    They are Metabank so it should work. I think Serve has a max of $500 at a time. So you would have to split it up.
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    Got DH's CIP2 today. As I was changing the cell phone and cable bills over to it, I realized this is the 5th time since January that I have changed the payment card on those accounts!

    We are planning to be in Orlando President's Day week but had no firm plans so no reservations yet. Probably offsite, but with the new Star Wars news I booked a FW campsite for 2 nights to get FP and early entry access (and free parking). I was surprised how much availability there was, I thought Feb would be a busy time for campers.

    Got another Sheraton Vistana offer today for 4 nights for $199 plus 15,000 Bonvoy points if we sit through a presentation. I wonder if they have availability Presidents Day, that might work.
    I keep getting those...but the offers seem to diminish....IDk I have points I don't want to sit thru a timeshare presentation . Maybe when my points run out lol


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    Homecomin wasn’t on my radar for brunch, but seriously guys...going to sign up for an alert from TP if an ADR pops up at a good time for us. It looks and sounds wonderful!
    I'll just leave these here:

    Pecan and Bacon Donuts


    Short Rib Hash


    Hallelujah Biscuit (scrambled eggs instead of over easy)


    And this DR has a couple other things in it, from when we went with Disboard friends.


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