Dreaming about YOAMD...I know it was a dream!


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Feb 19, 2003
Well, I guess it's pretty bad when you dream about going to WDW isn't it? :confused3

I dreamed that I was walking through the park..don't ask me which one because it wasn't anything like any of the parks, except for the fastpass machine and Peter Pan.

Anyway, I'm walking through the parks, in a dress no less, which I'd never wear in the parks :rolleyes: with of all people, my dad, who has never been to any Disney park and has absolutely no desire to go. :sad2: So, I know I was really dreaming this, but Dad and I are just strolling along when I see a fastpass machine not to far off. Along comes ol' Peter Pan, who slips something into the tray of the FP machine and sneaks off into the shrubbery nearby. Well, I just knew it was one of the YOAMD special fastpasses, so I told my dad to hurry up a bit and we practically ran to the machine where I grabbed that YOAMD fastpass and out popped Peter. :tinker: Peter said to me..."Use it well and don't loose it".

So, Dad and I keep on walking and talking...having a great time. We go to grab a bite to eat...place looked like Cookies on Castaway Cay or the BBQ place seating at AK. All of a sudden my dad sees a ride and he just HAS to go on it. :earseek: It was a car ride...think Indy 500 in MK except that all of the vehicles are lined up like the beginning of a car race when the drivers jump in the cars and all the vehicles are like the ones in the new movie, Cars. ( :idea: So, all you Disney Imagineers...take note! Change the Indy 500 to a Cars inspired speedway!) Okay, so my dad is running...like a 5 year old to get in the T. Mater vehicle and I'm thinking...wow, it's about time he loosened up! So, I go get in one of the cars...don't recall which one though.

Then dagnabit it...the alarm went off and I woke up! But, I knew it was gonna be a good day...and hey, it is my dad's birthday today...#75 so it's a special one for him and we're taking him out to celebrate tonight. party:


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Sep 26, 2000
wow.. you had a magical dream!!! I wished all our dreams at night could be disney dreams!!! Wow.. we would all get good sleep then! :thumbsup2


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Jan 26, 2006
At least you had clothes on! Isn't that the "typical" dream situation?? Being naked? Seriously tho, awesome dream!! I wish I dreamt about WDW more often. So until I do...WDW will always be my preferred daydreams!!


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Dec 4, 2005
So funny. And 2 minutes ago I posted a dream I had this morning about YOMD and our trip next week, on one of the other boards... we are truly a pathetic lot!!