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Earning My Ears
Apr 11, 2021
Real name: Mike

Family: Lorna, Henry (6) and Alice (4)

Occupation: Technology stuff at Pfizer

Home town: South Wales

Favourite park: Only been to Paris so far, annual pass holders.

Favourite resort: Only stayed at the Disneyland Hotel in Paris so far

Favourite attraction: Space Mountain or Star Tours

Favourite restaurant: Looking forward to trying some and finding out!

Hobbies: Cooking, Creating educational content for youtube (you can see these at iluli.eu)

Likes: Travel

Previous trips: Lots and lots of trips to Disneyland Paris

Our next trip: Hoping to get back to Paris this year but planning or first family trip to Florida for Easter 2022


Earning My Ears
Apr 14, 2019
name: Colin

Family: Me my partner and two kids

Occupation: delivery driver

Home town: Hemyock, Devon

Favourite park: Hollywood studios

Favourite resort: never stayed at a Disney resort, but it would be animal Kingdom lodge if I ever do.

Favourite attraction: Tower of terror!!

Favourite restaurant: Garden grill

Likes: prefer to stay at a villa, Windsor hills was really good in 2013.

Dislikes: Seafood mushroom and olives

Previous trips: twice as a kid and in 2013

Our next trip: was meant to be may 2020, then may 2021 now September 2021 with a but of luck!


Earning My Ears
Jun 2, 2021
Hello Im new Here.

Name: Broadsword

Favourite park: MK

Favourite resort: never stayed at a Disney resort, but it would Beach Club

Favourite attraction: Space Mountain

Favourite restaurant: LongHorn

Likes: Staying in a Villa

Dislikes: Rude People

Previous trips: Lots

Our next trip: was meant to be 2020, then May 2021 then September 2021, Now Sep 2022 with fingers Crossed.


Earning My Ears
Jun 12, 2021
Just Joined!

Name: MerryweatherBlue

Family: Me and my new Husband! (Late 30's)

Occupation: Dental Nurse

Favourite anything to do with Disney World- NEVER BEEN yet But I love Disney and Star Wars so bound to love everything

Likes: The magic and joy of Disney, rides, animation and cute things

Dislikes: Rude people, hot weather and sweetcorn

Hobbies: Gaming, arts and crafts, reading Manga and watching all kinds of animation

Previous trips: NEVER BEEN! September 2020 was meant to be our first trip (my husband has been to Tokyo Disney Sea) as our honeymoon but Covid cancelled it.

Our next trip: Was meant to be September 2020, now May 2022!


Earning My Ears
Jun 9, 2021
I copied and pasted the sections off the first few pages so may have not got an up to date “list”.
Name: Kay

Family: My partner and our dog, he also has two kids aged 15 and 8.

Favourite Park: I really love them all for different reasons, but I think for rides it has to be MGM (I still can’t get used to calling it HS), and I love the World Showcase at Epcot.

Favourite Attraction: Rock n Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror, Test Track, Mission Space - albeit the whole experience of being at Disney is just fabulous and I can’t wait to go back!!

Favourite Coaster: Rock n Rollercoaster

Favourite Nighttime show: Haven't been to Disney in a few years but always appreciated any of the firework shows.

First Trip to Disney: 1992 - I was 9, since then I’ve been over 20 times to Florida, but haven’t been to Disney the last few times (just did universal as were shorter stays) so the next trip I have lots to catch up on!
It will be my partner and his kids first visit whenever we get there (booked for Oct 2020, moved to August 2021 - still reckon it’s a very slim chance of us going 😭😭)

Favourite Restaurant: Dont have one in Disney really, albeit it’s always been a tradition for years to go to Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs, loved Charley’s offsite for a splurge years ago, otherwise I’m happy with any place we don’t get here.

Favourite Hotel Onsite: Never stayed in a Disney hotel - mum and dad ended up buying a villa after our 3rd visit so I’ve always stayed there in the 20 years since! Suits me perfectly!

Hobbies: Walking my dog, going on holiday (I love going all over the world, as well as to Disney)….waiting for Covid to pass to get back round to doing more of it!


Earning My Ears
Jun 29, 2021
Hi everyone! Been a follower on Facebook for a long time but only just joined here and this is my first post.

Name: Nick

Family: Sarah (wife) and our beloved golden retriever

Favourite park: I love them all for different reasons but if I could only go to one for the rest of my life I’d pick MK.

Favourite attraction: Flight of Passage. Although I haven’t been since Galaxy’s Edge opened so that could change!

Favourite coaster: Rock n rollercoaster

Favourite nighttime show: Wishes was always my favourite but the Star Wars fireworks at HS is my current fave!

First trip to Disney: It was 1998 when I was 10 years old. I wasn’t a huge rollercoaster fan at that time but the Disney rides were perfect for me! Now I can’t get enough of rollercoasters!

Favourite restaurant: Cinderella’s Royal Table will always be special to me as that’s where I proposed and the whole experience was magical!

Favourite on-site hotel: only stayed on site once and that was in 2019 at Pop Century. We absolutely loved it but Animal Kingdom Lodge is our dream!

Hobbies: I am an astrophotographer in my spare time and have a YouTube channel for it. I’ve just started a new YouTube channel with my wife for our Disney adventures so hopefully we can get that off the ground. Otherwise it’s walking the dog and football.
  • rubyeskimo

    Earning My Ears
    Sep 2, 2019
    Hi Everyone, not sure I ever introduced myself over here so here I go:

    Name: Ruby

    Family: Just me and the husband

    Occupation: Healthcare Analytical manager

    Favourite park: Probably Magic Kingdom for the magical nostalgia (yes I cry at the castle every time!) but Tokyo Disney Sea is AMAZING 🤯😍

    Favourite attraction: Either Expedition Everest or Rock n Rollercoaster although I do love Soarin' and Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones and...I can't pick!

    Favourite coaster: Expedition Everest

    Favourite night time show: I think Wishes will always have my heart but I cry just as much at HEA.

    First trip to Disney: Honeymoon at WDW in 2015 and the obsession has taken over in a big way since then

    Favourite restaurant: California Grill, hands down.

    Favourite on-site hotel: Port Orleans Riverside because of the relaxed atmosphere and the boat to DS plus the beautiful grounds but then I did love the Contemporary because I NEVER thought we'd ever get to stay there.

    Hobbies: Reading, keeping fit (that's a new one for this year...), cooking, travelling (when we can 🙄)

    Previous trips: All listed in the signature 👍

    Our next trip: September 2022, staying at the Beach Club 😍