**DisVids - Come and Introduce Yourself and Meet Your Fellow UK Dissers**


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Jun 23, 2007
After some discussion we thought it would be nice to have a sticky where Dissers - old and new - can come and introduce themselves and generally find out a little bit about the people that populate these boards.
As we now have 2 Disvids this would be a great place for anyone new to have a look at us all (OK - some of it isn't pretty viewing but the majority of you make up for the short comings from the rest of us :lmao:)
As people come along and add their details I will try to keep the first post up to date, but if for some reason I miss anyone please feel free to PM me and offer a gentle reminder.
I know from experience, and from speaking with some very good friends on here, that a lot of people enjoy the privacy that a forum such as this provides, therefore there will be absolutely no pressure for anyone to contribute to this thread. It is meant to be fun so you can add as much, or as little, information as you feel comfortable sharing.

So HERE is the video for 2010

And HERE is the one for 2011

And in order to start the ball rolling I will add a little bit of my own info :goodvibes

Name - Kenny
Lives - Grimsby
Occupation - Process Operator
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pegasus928


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Jul 7, 2000
You be careful not to give away too much there, Kenny! :rotfl:

OK, I'll go next.

Real name: Debbie. And I'm from the UK. Creativity: not a strength. (About the capitals in my username - when I joined the DIS, back around the Palaeozaic Era, I had no idea of netiquette. If you'd asked me, I'd have told you it was something my grandmother hung at her windows. Anyway, sorry about that. It won't happen again.)

Family: Married to Matt (Boss Hogg). 2 adult daughters, Georgina (26) and Harriet (22). One grandson, Louis (2 1/2).

Occupation: Worked full-time for a major UK Bank for 28 years, most recently as a Business Development Manager on the corporate banking side of things. Gave it all up a couple of years ago to spend more time with my mum who had been suffering with mental health problems after my dad died.

Home town: Gloucester, a small city in the South West of England close to the Welsh border, which dates back to 48 AD.

Favourite park: Epcot. Some of my happiest memories involve slow strolls around World Showcase beneath clear blue Florida skies. I adore the International Food and Wine Festival and would even go as far as saying I consider it the best event staged at WDW. IllumiNations moves me in ways I find difficult to articulate and, should Disney ever announce its demise, I'll be booking my flight to be there for the last ever showing.

Favourite resort: Over the years we've run the gamut of onsite and offsite accommodation options. Our ideal scenario is to book a private pool home for the duration of our stay, with a couple of nights onsite at both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. My favorite villa community is unquestionably the Ginn Reunion Resort. We've been lucky enough to stay at most of the Disney Deluxes and, in 2006, we bought into DVC. I'm struggling to pick a favorite, but the BoardWalk is hard to beat for location. We've stayed multiple times at all 3 Universal resorts and rate them all highly, but the Royal Pacific Resort probably wins simply on value for money.

Favourite attraction: Carousel Of Progress. I just love the fact that this was "Walt's idea from beginning to end". I know it's clichéd to say so, but he truly was a visionary and this must have been a technological marvel at the time. What I wouldn't give to be transported back in time to the 1964 New York World's Fair where this debuted.

Favourite restaurant: Ah, food! My favorite subject, bar none! Onsite, I'd say Victoria & Albert's. We've eaten there on several occasions and it has never been anything less than outstanding. Not for nothing does it consistently win the prestigious AAA Five Diamond Award. There are plenty of great dining choices at WDW, but this one is truly exceptional. Offsite, it's Tommy Bahama's Tropical Cafe at Pointe Orlando. We totally buy into the whole 'Island Living' thing and like nothing better than sitting at the bar there.

Who's next? As Kenny says, this is just a bit of fun, so don't feel you have to add as much as I have. On the other hand, feel free to tell us your life story if you have the inclination.


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Jun 23, 2007
Just to add a little more detail to mine :goodvibes

Name: Believe it or not Pegasus is a nickname. But then so is the name I normally go by - Kenny. It was given to me in my Army days some 20+ years ago and has stuck ever since. My real name, which only my mother seems to use these days, is Marcus.
Family: I have been married to Elaine (Mrs Pegasus) for 20 years now. We have 2 children. Bradley (16) and Taylor (12)
Occupation: I went into the Army straight form leaving school and stayed there for almost 9 years. After that I did a couple of years as a Driving Instructor before getting into the oil and gas industry. That has seen me travel around the Middle East and working offshore up in Aberdeen. I now work close to home at a gas terminal that processes the raw gas that is sent in from the gas fields in the North Sea.
Home Town: Grimsby - North East Lincolnshire
Favourite Florida Bits: As a family we love villa holidays in Florida. I won't go into the why's too much here but having done hotel holidays in the past we have found a villa suits our needs as a family better. My favourite park I would have to say is Islands of Adventure. I don't think I have a favourite ride but I love Jurassic Park, Spiderman, Test Track and SkyCoaster.
Favourite Restaurants: Disney - Whispering Canyon. Biergarten (Epcot) Universal - NBA. Margaritaville. I-Drive - Bahama Breeze. Texas de Brazil. Friendlys.
Hobbies: When not working I love to spend time video editing and trying to make something special out of all those video tapes we have collected during our holidays.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes - Puddings. Dislikes - Diets


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Sep 21, 2009
I think I need to add a little more to mine :lmao:
That's you told then! :lmao:

Oh my goodness, I saw yours and thought "That looks safe and easy enough". Scroll down and I thought - nope, I'll lurk this one. :rotfl2:

Looks like Debs has raised the bar here :rotfl: I have to say Debs, clearly I don't know much about you - I had no idea you had a grandchild. From your pics I didn't even know you were old enough to have grown up kids!!

Its actually a great idea to have the Disvids linked. :thumbsup2 Almost like the perfect icebreaker for newbies and the perfect stop-over for the older members :cool1:


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Jun 23, 2007
That's you told then! :lmao:

Oh my goodness, I saw yours and thought "That looks safe and easy enough". Scroll down and I thought - nope, I'll lurk this one. :rotfl2:

Looks like Debs has raised the bar here :rotfl: I have to say Debs, clearly I don't know much about you - I had no idea you had a grandchild. From your pics I didn't even know you were old enough to have grown up kids!!

Its actually a great idea to have the Disvids linked. :thumbsup2 Almost like the perfect icebreaker for newbies and the perfect stop-over for the older members :cool1:
Tell me about it - I felt like a naughty school boy. :eek:
Honestly though if all you want to do is to put down the basic information that I did prior to being told off then that is great. I like to be able to respond to people by their real name, not just their username - especially if I am replying to a PM - and some of the time I don't know what that is.
But as we keep on trying to stress this is all for fun :goodvibes


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Jan 3, 2010
Name: Quite an easy one for you to guess from my user name...its Jordan!

Family: I dont have any children, Im back living with my parents and have a brother who I holiday with, hes 27!

Occupation: Im a business development executive for Lucozade Sport Health & Fitness. Basically manage 250+ Accounts from Manchester all the way up to Carlisle. Some of the accounts you may have heard of include Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool FC, Bannatynes, DW Fitness, JJB Sports. Keeps me busy!

Home Town: Blackpool, North Lancashire

Favourite Florida Bits: I just enjoy going there, it seems to me like its the only place ive ever been to that I feel safe and want to go back to! Over the past few years ive sort of gone more towards the Universal side of things ahead of Disney, but I think thats more down to my love of rides.

Favourite Restaurants: House Of Blues, TGI Fridays and I love my afternoons when the footy is on in hooters!!

Hobbies: Football. Im a massive Arsenal fan, try to get to watch them as often as I can, but I also play alot. Had trials at quite a few teams when I was younger and a claim to fame is I played against Wayne Rooney in a county game, he was insanely good, even at 13.

Likes and Dislikes: I like having a good time, as you can see from my trip report I dont like to do the straight forward and am always game for a laugh. This sort of falls into my dislikes, I cant stand people who take themselves too seriously and dont know how to have a laugh. I also dislike people with very bad manners and lack of respect for elders.
  • Chilly

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    Apr 25, 2006
    Name Claire

    Family Husband called Mike, no kids yet

    Occupation Scheduling Manager at a large well known Broadcasting House

    Home Town Reading in Berkshire

    Favourite Park Magic Kingdom

    Favourite Attractions Splash Mountain, The Mummy, TOT

    Favourite Florida Bits Wishes Fireworks & Spectromagic

    Favourite Restaurants Ohana, Raglan Road, Cali Grill

    Hobbies Reading and planning holidays

    Favourite Memory Our Wedding at the Grand Floridian


    Jul 24, 2003
    Name: Wayne

    Family: Married to Karen (DCLmad) for 21 years, met over CB Radio. Son Mathew (StitchMad) aged 16 doing A-Levels.

    Occupation: Florist since leaving school (28 years).

    Home Town: Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

    Favourite Park: Busch Gardens - I think it has something for everyone. Great coasters and animal viewing.

    Favourite Attraction: Festival of the Lion King Show at Animal Kingdom.

    Favourite Coaster: Manta at SeaWorld.

    Favourite Nighttime Show: Illuminations Reflections of Earth at Epcot - especially on New Years Eve.

    Favourite Restaurant (off site): Cheesecake Factory - great service, food quality and price.

    Favourite Restaurant (on site): Yachtsman Steakhouse - outstanding service and one of the nicest steaks I've ever had.

    Favourite Resort: Animal Kingdom Lodge - waking up to giraffes feeding outside your balcony is something special.

    Extras I enjoy: Shuttle Launches (seen 3, hope to catch 1 more), Airboat ride, Disney Mini Golf, afternoon at Port Canaveral watching the ships leave and the fishing / leisure boats return. I think Universal have done an excellent job with the WWoHP, even though I'm not a Harry Potter fan. Also discovered we enjoy cruising, in particular Disney - August will be our 6th sailing (plus 2 RCCL).

    Hobbies: Geocaching (high tech treasure hunt using a GPS unit), Rugby League; life long Batley Bulldogs supporter (my town of birth), Monopoly collecting (approx. 130 games).

    Favourite Animal: Cats - from our pet ginger tom called Thomas to big wild cats.

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=564963059


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    Jan 6, 1999
    Right I'll go next!!! :rotfl:

    Name: Jeanette

    Family: Married to Ian for 25 years :scared1: Have 3 kids, well their grown ups now- Paul 27, Steph 24 and Natalie 19, we also have two grandchildren, Charlie 2 1/2 and Lily 9 weeks old! :cloud9: oh and 2 dogs- both rescue dogs, border collies-Scooby and Archie!

    Occupation: am looking for a job at the mo! but used to work as an LSA in a school for autistic children.

    Home Town: Live in Prestatyn, but both our families are from Liverpool, my dad was in the army so I spent my childhood up until I was 17 living in different countries(I hated changing schools and having to make friends all over again..:sad2:)

    Favourite Park: MGM ok.... Disney Studios :headache:

    Favourite Attraction: I don't have a fave, I like them all- I think!

    Favourite Coaster: Rock n roller

    Favourite Nighttime Show: I just love wishes :love:

    Favourite Restaurant (off site): Mannys, Outback steak house, Logans Roadhouse

    Favourite Florida Bits: Love going to the state parks, and other places like Bok Tower etc as now the kids are grown up, we do more outside the parks. But this will change again this September as the granchildren are coming to Florida for one big family holiday- 14 of us altogether :thumbsup2


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    Apr 6, 2011
    My turn :woohoo:

    Name: Rachel

    Family: My boyfriend Michael who is in the RAF. I've got a lovely close family (mum, dad and bro) who introduced me to the world of Disney! Also have a son Joshua (sadly stillborn - but still my son!)

    Occupation: Sales Assistant - Keyholder (lower member of management)

    Home Town: Leeds, England!

    Favourite Park: Oh gosh .. I can't pick, love them all for different reasons!

    Favourite Attraction: So so many!

    Favourite Coaster: Tower of terror (if that counts)

    Favourite Nighttime Show: Wishes

    Favourite Florida Bits: I really have nothing to knock .. generally just love Disney! My home away from home!
  • loobzuk

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    Jun 30, 2010
    a litte bit about me

    Name: Louise

    Family: Married Jeff in Hawaii in 1997 (hadn't visited Disney then otherwise it would doubtless been a Disney wedding. We are blessed with 2 children, DD aged 10 and DS aged 7 (well they will be in a couple of weeks!)

    Home: Having previously lived in Marlow, High Wycombe and Reading, home is finally Hook in Hampshire (on the Surrey/Hants borders)

    Occupation: I work part time on the customer services desk for a well known supermarket chain where every little helps - my job pays for our Disney trips.

    Favourite Place: I love people watching at DTD

    Favourite Park: Hollywood Studios - we always seem to have the best weather and the best time there

    Favourite Attraction: Probably TSM

    First Visit to Disney: 2005, we celebrated DD's 4th birthday there - I mistakenly thought you had to have children to visit and badly regret all those wasted years. We now try to holiday there alternate years (sadly finances won't run to every year). We prefer villa holidays, especially since DS discovered a love of skinny dipping:laughing: but on our first trip we stayed at All Star Movies

    Favourite Restaurants: Tradition says that we have a Crystal Palace breakfast each trip and we tried to break that tradition for our upcoming trip but couldn't quite bring ourselves to not book it so we made an ADR. DD loves the brownies at Cici's Pizza and DS loves a Sizzler breakfast.

    Hobbies: I make cards and one day will create those scrapbooks that I keep buying papers and embellishments for!


    and at last I see the light
    Jul 17, 2006
    I'll go ;)

    Name: Sarah

    Family: Dad - Michael. (insert dis name here :confused3) Mum - Kathryn. Sister - Helen, 19 (Turning 20 on this trip.) Cat - Jinky.
    For the next trip we are adding two others my sisters best friend Kirsten (20), and my best friend Sandra (17).

    Occupation: Full-time student at high school. I want to do musical theatre at the RSAMD after my last year. :lovestruc

    Home town: A couple of miles down the road from Glasgow.

    Favourite Park: Studios, it pains me not to say MGM. :sad2:

    Favourite Attraction: I love Great Movie Ride and Expedition Everest.

    Favourite Coaster: Barnstormer :thumbsup2

    Favourite Nighttime show: Fantasmic or Wishes.

    First Trip to Disney: November 2001 for a week offsite. Dad wasn't really up for going but that changed when we got there ;)

    Favourite Restaurant: Liberty Tree Tavern, it's a tradition for us to do it on the last night before we leave.

    Favourite Hotel Onsite: Wilderness Lodge :woohoo:

    Hobbies: Singing, acting, dancing and the usual teenage things. :)


    Aug 17, 2006
    Name: Tracy

    Family: Married to Matt for 10 years with a Daughter Chloe (almost 3)

    Occupation: Accountant

    Home Town: Peterborough, Cambs

    Favourite Park: Magic Kingdom

    Favourite Attraction: This is hard... if I had to pick just one probably Space Mountain

    Favourite Coaster: Other than Space Mountain I love Rock'n'Rollercoaster

    Favourite Nighttime Show: Spectromagic followed by Wishes

    Favourite Restaurant (off site): Outback for a bloomin onion!

    Favourite Restaurant (on site): Teppan Edo at the moment

    Favourite Resort: Bay Lake Tower (So glad we bought our DVC there :lovestruc )

    Hobbies: Gadgets and I used to compete in Show Jumping with my horses (until they got old and died :littleangel: ) and then in Dog agility with our Dog Bailey who is now old and retired!

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1263346818


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    Apr 9, 2001
    Here goes.....

    Name: Sheila, aged 40.

    Family: Married to Rob (18 yrs), have 3 daughters - Lauren (17), Hayley (15) and Sheridan (12)

    Occupation: Ward Sister on an acute medical/elderly care ward. Soon to transfer to the newly set up Stroke Unit. Started nursing in 1989.

    Home Town: Stafford, Staffordshire

    Favourite Park: Epcot

    Favourite Attractions: Disney - ToT, RnRC, Soarin' and Toy Story Midway Mania. Ouitside Disney - Rip, Ride Rockit, Revenge of the Mummy, Manta, Hulk Coaster, WWOHP & Montu. (probably alot more!)

    Favourite Night Time Attraction - Reflections of Earth

    Favourite Restaurants: Crystal Palace (celebrated 2 wedding anniversaries there), sweet tomatoes, TGI Fridays.

    Hobbies: Camping, Jewellery Making, Cross-stitching and planning our holidays!


    Oct 14, 2007
    This is me........

    Name: Marc

    Family: Married to Giulia - we have 2 sons , 4 and 7.

    Occupation: Director of an IT Recruitment company in Kent

    Home Town: Lambeth - SE London

    Favourite Florida Bits: Defo Disney - especially the hotels. Great service and relaxing environment. We are DVC owners at OKW and are going back for our 7th visit. Going to try Universal this year for the first time in 10 years

    Favourite Restaurants: Olivia's , TREX , Liberty Tree Tavern

    Hobbies: Most sports - love Spurs and making sure my boys do too. I also play Golf and enjoy old Films

    Likes and Dislikes: I like holidays , relaxing with the family, good food, a drink or 2 and keeping fit
    I don't like aggresive people, moaners, Arsenal :) and bad drivers


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    Nov 8, 2009
    Name: Kayleigh, aged 23

    Family: My fiance, Gary, aged 24. We've been together since November 2008 after a week in the same flat at halls of residence. We got engaged at AKL in August 2009 :lovestruc

    Occupation: Currently finishing up my exams for my final year of LL.B (Hons) Social and Public Law degree. Hoping to get into some form of administration/research work whilst I undertake a history degree via the OU to become a history teacher or lecturer. Also in process of setting up my own family history research business. Gary's going to be going into the games computer modelling and animation industry, hoping as a technical artist (eventually)

    Home Town: Grantham, Lincolnshire

    Favourite Park: Epcot

    Favourite Attractions: Disney = Test Track, Mission:Space, Rock n Rollercoaster, Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, the Three Mountains. IOA = Duelling Dragons (or whatever its called now)

    Favourite Night Time Attraction - IllumiNations and Wishes - I couldn't choose!

    Favourite Restaurants: Teppan Edo, Boma, Nine Dragons, Tusker House, Yak and Yeti, Raglan Road (tradition to eat there on our first full day after DTD), O'hana, Whispering Canyon

    Hobbies: Dancing, genealogy, history...Liverpool (shhhh!)


    I left my heart in WDW
    May 26, 2011
    Hi I'm new to this site !

    Name: Diane, 34 in June.

    Family: My other half of 9 years - David (41) no kids, dog-Toby 9yrs old

    Occupation: Animal Carer at a Wildlife Rescue Charity.

    Hometown: Enfield, North London.

    Fav Park: MK

    Fav Attraction: Splash Mountain

    Fav Restaurant: Not fussed, I do more Quick Service.

    Hobbies: Anything Disney related!


    Earning My Ears
    May 30, 2011
    New to this forum so I thought i'd say hey! :)

    Name: Louise (21)

    Family: Usually holiday with my mum, dad, brother, sister, brother-in-law & niece.

    Occupation: 2nd year student nurse.

    Home town: Liverpool, England.

    Favourite Park: Has to be Magic Kingdom. No place like it.

    Favourite Attraction: A hard one but its between Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain! pirate:

    Favourite Coaster: Rock n' Roller coaster. Love having the music blasting on the way round!

    Favourite Nighttime show: Definately Wishes!

    First Trip to Disney
    : 1991 when I was 2. Been going every other year since.

    Favourite Restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory. yummm!

    Favourite Hotel Onsite
    : The Contemporary.

    Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, the usual really.