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Dec 18, 2019
I've given up on our September trip and just waiting on Virgin to cancel my flights, I assume that will be done in the next few weeks.

We also have a December trip booked, but I can see that going down the drain as well due to a Winter resurgence in cases. But as others have said, I won't be cancelling flights until Virgin cancel them for me.

Our accommodation is booked on DVC points so I guess we're lucky in that we shouldn't lose out financially (assuming DVC let us extend expiring points which they supposedly will).

Rowlf the Dog

Nov 13, 2015
Last year I got a very good deal: Non stop FRA to MCO via Lufthansa (I'm German) 10/29-11/16 for 600€ , full refundable. It was to good to let it go. But at the moment I still haven't booked any hotel but keep looking every week. Have recently seen so-so rates for AKL and YC but I'm still torned: not only if we are allowed to, but also in regards to shows, Fantasmic, character meet and greets, if FP is back... On the other hand the flight conditions are to good to cancel ;)