1. B

    Singing Runway Info?

    Hey there! I"m writing a Disney history book and stumbled upon this little gem: The old WDW STOLPort runway would play When You Wish Upon a Star when you went at just the right speed! Does anyone have audio/video of the runway actually singing? I just can't quite figure out how it worked.
  2. evre13

    Hmm! Adventure. Hmmpf! Excitement. *Update 4/30*

    hi! (looks around and waves). I'm evre13, and I'm a 30-something dog mom living in Washington, DC. I used to run -- my first half was Princess 2015! -- but as work and work travel got nutty, I fell off the bandwagon. Approximately 2 years, a fair amount of casual Classpass-ing to keep my fitness...
  3. WISH Front

    WISH Front

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  4. WISH back

    WISH back

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  5. "I wish I was a princess..."

    "I wish I was a princess..."

    Making a wish at breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table in the castle.