1. S

    What would you do?

    Hi everyone! I am going to Disney for a week with my partner this summer (we are both in our mid twenties) and trying to decide where to stay. Since we have had to cancel quite a few trips, we decided we are going to stay deluxe this time. We plan to spend a decent amount of time at the resort...
  2. C

    Poly or Beach Club in March 2021?

    Hi all! After two cancelled trips, we are most likely going ahead with our end of March vaca. It was originally 8 days at Poly, but I wanted to check out Riveria so am spending 3 nights there. With the remaining days, I also switched over to Beach Club to avoid the Poly construction, but in...
  3. L

    Will the Poly be a half experience?

    We're recent DVC owners, and one huge motivation for buying was my lifelong dream of staying at the Poly (Poly stay at Pop prices, amiright?) Our intention from the beginning was to book May/ June '21 as soon as we were able, but now the refurbishment has been announced with it's rather vague...
  4. S

    Resort Switch by Disney Due to Poly Closure Through Summer 2021 - Please Post Your Experiences

    Hi everyone! We have a Poly reservation for July 2021 and are hoping the resort is open by then. However, with the new announcement I wanted to start a thread of what resort people are getting switched to by Disney because of the closure, specifically from the Polynesian, so we know what to...
  5. HairyChest

    Just Back-Poly/AKL/GF/CCreek Stay

    I just got back from a 2 week trip as a first time DVC owner and I had an AMAZING time! 3 adults traveling and we wanted to try the different resorts to see what we liked. We took a flight from California and it was lovely having the middle rows blocked off with extra room to stretch our legs...
  6. G

    Jan 2021 Stay @ Poly Deluxe Studio - tips?

    Hey All! I just booked a stay at Poly in a Studio - Lake View from 1/11-1/17! I was not looking very seriously and came across this availability and could not say no! I'm super excited to have the lake view since we will be able to see the fireworks. I'm putting in a request for a 3rd floor...
  7. InBassAngler

    Offer Accepted - 1st Post

    Let me start off by saying that there is so much invaluable knowledge within this group that has provided me with hours of reading and helped with research. When I was younger, I visited Disney with my family and wanted to take my own since starting my own. Ever since visiting Disney 2 years...
  8. S

    Just bought into Rivera DVC, thinking of cancelling and buying non-direct.

    On a cruise got caught up into buying into DVC for 250 points at Riviera. Just got home and after doing some research most likely will cancel and look into buying non direct. We have unique situation as well. We like to go to Disney every couple of years, BUT we live close to Galveston so...
  9. T

    Which DVC Villa to rent?

    So I really want to stay Polynesian Villa BUT I don't like that the 1 bedroom isn't available. I plan to stay for 2 weeks and I want a full kitchen because (crazy I know), Disney food doesn't impress me. It's too expensive and doesn't compare to a basic restaurant, let alone an upscale one but...
  10. T

    Multi Family Vacation

    I’m planning a vacation for next year. It will include my family of 4 (mom, dad, 4 year & 16 month old) plus another family of 4 (mom, dad, 3 & 4 year old). My family plans to stay at Poly but the other family doesn’t want to spend as much so are looking more toward Riverside. My family enjoyed...
  11. J

    Polynesian OR Wilderness Lodge

    We are booked for a late September trip at the Polynesian. It is our first Disney trip, and we are so excited! It will be my husband, myself, 10 yr old, 6 yr old, and a 2 yr old. We picked the Polynesian because most of the YouTube vlogs that we have watched made it seem like it was the best...
  12. S

    Trip Guilt

    I'm having a bit of trip guilt. It is our first Disney trip, and I booked at the Polynesian... Mostly because it was the one that was most attractive to my husband and I. My kids just saw videos of Art of Animation and All Star movies and they were amazed at all of the theming. They are 8, 5...
  13. KGmomoftwins

    Polynesian Mousekeeping

    We will be staying at the Polynesian Resort this August 2017 for our twins 5 birthday! I'm worried about the reviews I'm seeing about it being dark, damp, and filthy. Anyone been there recently that stayed in a standard garden view room non-DVC. I'm wondering if I should to switch but it seems...
  14. buzzrelly

    Oh, The Horror…of Food & Wine & Lumiere's Challenge! Nov 2017 PTR-Updated 9/22-FOP Fastpass!

    Hi all! I just started planning another trip and what better way to plan than to start a pre-trip report?! Actually, I've never written a PTR but, as you can see in my signature, I've written three Post-trip reports. I love writing them because it allows me to relive the memories and look back...
  15. Hawaii Beach at the Polynesian

    Hawaii Beach at the Polynesian

  16. Hawaii Club Decoration - Evening Service

    Hawaii Club Decoration - Evening Service

    From our experience this display is perform once within a seven day period.
  17. Electric Water Pageant

    Electric Water Pageant

  18. Early Morning PR Volcano Pool

    Early Morning PR Volcano Pool

    Up before most guest the pool is being cleaned and the ducks are swimming too.
  19. Arriving at the Polynesian Resort, entrance, monorail, arrival

    Arriving at the Polynesian Resort, entrance, monorail, arrival

  20. PR Volcano Pool at 445pm

    PR Volcano Pool at 445pm