1. M

    Minecraft Radiator Springs Racers Recreation! (Quarantine Project)

    2 Months after starting, friends and I finished our Minecraft Disneyland Cars Land recreation! It has all 3 rides, but by far my favorite is Radiator Springs Racers. Here's a video: This was a massive project, but contains fully functioning animatronics, over 25 3D models, and a fully synced...
  2. C

    Research on Disney and the effect of Nostalgia

    Hi everyone, I am currently doing a Masters's Degree at the London College of Music and for my dissertation, I am doing a case study on Disney's 'The Lion King' and the theory surrounding nostalgia. I have a survey that I would like people to fill in but as I am not allowed to post links here I...
  3. J

    What’s your favorite/least favorite Disney resort(s) and why?

    I’ve only stayed in a handful of them, so I’m curious to see what everyone has to say. Which ones are your favorite and which ones do you hate? Why?
  4. J

    Quick Dining review- Be Our Guest Dinner

    I had dinner at Belle’s Castle twice in 2019. Service was great both times, as it almost always is in Disney Dining. My only issue was that both times, it took an hour (give or take) to get our food. I understand that the staff is busy and that the food is likely made fresh, so it just takes...
  5. J

    Does Disney’s Magical Express operate one way?

    I’m going to Orlando in December for a few days, but only staying at Disney for one of those nights. I’m flying in and staying in an AirBnB, but I’m staying at Disney the last night, so I’ll have to order an Uber or take the magical express from the hotel to the airport that morning. Can I ride...
  6. K

    I’m new here but I want to know any good tips and ideas for a first tile solo Disney visit

    I was wondering since I’m traveling solo in March 2021 currently not officially but probably, I have never Been to Disney believe it or not and I know it’s grown so much since I was Supposed to Go about 20 years ago. So is there any good tips for rides attractions themed areas and shops and...
  7. K

    I’m new here but I may go to Disney world for 3 days March 2021 any tips as a solo traveler

    I was wondering since I’m traveling solo in March 2021 currently not officially but probably, I have never Been to Disney believe it or not and I know it’s grown so much since I was Supposed to Go about 20 years ago. So is there any good tips for rides attractions themed areas and shops and...
  8. P

    Restaurant Ratings for MK

    We are going back to Disney in January. We always have a hard time eating in MK. We love Columbia Harbor House for quick service, but we want a sit down restaurant one night at MK. Considering the changes recently, lets say all restaurants are open.
  9. Rufio

    Under the Mouse: Cast Members Mistreatment

    Hello my old friends, it's been awhile. I've been hearing from inside the company how cast members are still not informed if they will return to work. They are actually not even allowed to reply to emails currently (if they are on furlough). I'm curious if anyone in the family of DisBoards...
  10. N

    Disney quiz!

    First time poster, hope this is allowed. During these tough times I have been creating a lot of quizzes for my daughters, as I am in the vulnerable group and shielding I have temporarily moved out of home. I thought for anyone looking to fill some time and have some fun with their family, I...
  11. N

    Does anyone know any info About these Disney book tins ?

    I know there’s other tins like it because I own a lady and the tramp version. Want specifically the tins that look like a book not just the normal tin
  12. D

    Promotions for Fall/Winter

    First, I'll apologize if this is the wrong place for this, I am new :) I know there is a ton of uncertainty but I am one of those planners who planned on having another promotion kick in for the fall which is when my trip is planned. Because of the current situation no promotions are happening...
  13. K


    Hello Everyone! We’ve just made our favourite and memorable Walt Disney world treats at home for my YouTube channel! I’d love it if you checked it out ❤️
  14. K


    Hey Guys, I have a new video on my YouTube channel where we make our favourite Disney snacks at home! I’d love it if you checked it out💕
  15. H

    Glorious Hercules Bottle!!!

    Hi guys, I cannot stress this enough so ill just say it: I NEED this cup in my life!!! Hercules is probably my favorite animated movie of all time, it has everything: cool hero? check, good character arc and development? check, greatest villain in all Disney history? TRIPLE CHECK (dont @ me...
  16. The WDW 3

    Favorite Disney World Youtubers?

    It’s been almost 3 weeks now of working from home and I think I’ve had YouTube running on the TV most of the time. I’d love some recommendations of any channels worth checking out. These are my current favorites in no particular order.. Dis Unplugged Michael Kay WDW Couple Disney Food Blog...
  17. K

    HELP NEEDED!!! Fun Disney name for a business! 😊😊

    Hey everyone!! My mother and I are trying to start a small business for some things that we make here at home. (Clothes, decals, woodwork, Doll furniture, doll foods, etc.) We make all kinds of different craft and things. We are basing the business on my Daughter, Holland (who's nickname is...
  18. C

    Going back to disney as a teen

    Growing up me and my family went to disney world nearly every year. I stopped going some years ago because I felt it wasn't fun anymore with the tight schedule my family had us tied to. I felt like all we did was run around and nothing was really fun. My parents continue to go alone every year...
  19. E

    OPINION: Disney will file for bankruptcy.

    Because of the coronavirus delaying their films, closing their parks, causing their stocks to take a hit, I fear that The Walt Disney Company will end up filing for either Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. "Too big to fail"? I don't think so!
  20. M

    Which Disney Hotel do you recommend?

    Hi everyone! We are planning a fortnight trip to Disney World Florida in 2 years time. We are a family of 4 and our children will be 12 and 9. Which hotel would be best for these ages? We were originally looking at the animal kingdom but have found out now they only do rooms with queen beds and...